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Hollywood’s Secret To Supermodel Skin With Skin Boosters

Have you ever pondered on the secret to Hollywood’s secret to flawless looking skin? If so, you may be in luck. We’re revealing all the secrets to no-filter, no foundation skin all thanks to skin boosters.

But what are skin boosters?

Skin boosters bring a new meaning to skin goals. Essentially, skin boosters are a versatile treatment option. They are a suitable choice for anyone looking to hydrate, plump and smooth their skin. And to no surprise, celebrities and supermodels are first on the bandwagon. Skin boosters work amazing for targeting dryness, roughness and fine lines and can considerably improve tone and texture. Who wouldn’t want that?

With the skin benefits that skin boosters offer – admirable skin isn’t as unachievable as dermatologists contest. Ultimately, skin boosters are the secret to staying young without the need for surgery.

With round-the-clock paparazzi, daily press releases and red-carpet events – every A-list celebrity understands the importance of having glowing skin. Many celebrities in the public eye rely on skin treatments to guarantee aesthetic perfection. Considering the constant pressure of ‘the perfect photograph’; celebrities are no longer solely relying on their makeup artists for flawless looking skin. Instead, what’s underneath the layers of foundation seem to be the top agenda. Especially when considering the ‘papped’ images that are often sneakily snapped. Unbeknownst to the stars, of course, meaning no makeup, filters, and retouches.

However, skin boosters are here to save the day. Giving a hydrated, rejuvenated, and youthful-looking appearance without the need for a makeup application is perfect for those in the public eye. The worry of paparazzi isn’t as great with the ease of knowing your skin looks flawless.

Despite not all celebrities liking to publicise which beauty treatments they use; their use is an open secret with skin boosters. The rise of non-invasive beauty treatments like skin boosters has become popular after the use of celebrities with the aim to take the ‘plastic look’ more natural. For youthful-looking skin, the cost is no object – especially for some celebrities who could comfortably choose the latter. So, let’s delve into which celebrities and supermodels we think, could have skin boosters.

Bella HadidA picture of supermodel Bella Hadid with glowing skin.

With a close-to-perfection complexion, Bella Hadid is no stranger to runway-ready skin. The supermodel regularly flaunts her enviable sun-kissed visage on her socials, leaving everyone to question just how she does it.
In an interview with Glamour in 2018, Hadid said that her mother had inspired her by advising the supermodel to take care of her skin – before makeup. And clearly, Bella took her mother’s advice.
So, what is her skincare secret? We think the answer to Bella’s flawless-looking could be down to revisited skin booster treatments.

We think Bella may have opted for a skin booster that works for skin remodelling and treating skin laxity. One which additionally helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to the supermodel, youthful glow she flaunts. With Bella’s flawless-looking profile, a skin booster that nourishes dermal cells and restores the firmness of the skin could be working its magic with the model’s runway-ready results.
In Bella Hadid’s case, a skin booster treatment could be working behind the scenes to give the model gorgeous, glowing results. Furthermore, an injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based product that works to treat skin laxity is seemingly a popular option amongst celebrities. With Hyaluronic Acid being hailed as a skincare phenomenon, it’s to no surprise that supermodels are all for jumping on the skin booster bandwagon. A high concentration of HA will not only work to boost and hydrate the skin but also remodel ageing and sagging tissue. Thus, resulting in a youthful-looking appearance and non-filtered, flawless skin for the supermodel 

Skin boosters (dependent on the brand) deliver amazing results as a treatment on their own or in combination with other skincare options such as Bella’s at-home skincare routine to keep her skin nourished in-between treatments. Essentially, skin boosters aren’t Botox or dermal fillers but an injectable skin treatment with incredible moisture-surging properties. By the natural shine of Bella’s appearance, a skin booster treatment may just be part of her regular skin upkeep!

Naomi Campbell

Potentially one of the most renowned models in the industry, Naomi Campbell started modelling at the young age of 15. After years of strutting the runway and taking centre-stage for 36 years, the now 51-year-old supermodel still maintains her youthful, glowing complexion. The same youthful, glowing complexion that initially kickstarted her career as a teen model.
As we age naturally, we lose approximately 1% of our Hyaluronic Acid stores per year after the age of 30 meaning that, according to biology – Campbell will have lost approximately 21% of her HA store. The depletion of Hyaluronic Acid results in fine lines and loss of facial volume. However, the same cannot be said for Ms Campbell who boasts flawless looking skin despite the odds. So, how does she maintain such photo-flawless skin? We think a bio-revitalising skin booster may just provide us with an answer.
Bio-revitalisation is the rehabilitation of the skin in a biological way to help revive and return life to the dermis. It is a non-surgical process and is applied to fight skin ageing and various other skin issues.

Various, newly developed injectable skin boosters work to treat severely dehydrated and tired-looking skin. Something that frequently occurs as we age. However, in Naomi Campbell’s situation, she has managed to avoid the signs of ageing that we would usually expect to see – perhaps with thanks to skin boosters.
On the current market, there are skin boosters developed with hybrid Hyaluronic Acid and contain two different molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid. This structure has an effect that provides a strong lifting effect whilst working to saturate the skin with intense moisture, to further help with skin ageing. With Hyaluronic Acid famed for its hydrating properties, various skin boosters utilise the ingredient to combat signs of ageing, leaving the skin with a youthful look whilst inducing some serious glow envy that supermodel Naomi has. Due to the rich and effective amino acid combination that certain skin boosters possess, skin boosters can also work to support and strengthen the synthesis of collagen and elastin. A perfect option to help brighten dull-looking skin and perhaps the answer to Naomi Campbells glow-within-look.

Cara DelevingneCara Delevigne the supermodel with glowing, glass-looking skin.

Brow queen and global icon Cara Delevingne is next on our list of supermodels with enviable assets. Aside from Delevingne’s signature brows, we can’t help but lust over her dreamy, poreless profile. In an interview with Vogue, the supermodel commented on her skincare routine saying:

“I’m not so adamant on an everyday thing, you know sometimes a face wipe is enough. I have started using anti-ageing products quite young because I think, why not? It’s ideal, thank you. Add that in. I’ve started taking collagen as well which is good for your hair and nails. Prevention is what it’s all about. I travel a lot and it does impact my complexion. I get bags under my eyes and then I don’t look and feel my best. Beauty is only skin deep. But when you do have bad skin you just, unfortunately, don’t feel as good as you should. It’s important to feel good about yourself on the inside.”

Tracing back on this, we pinpoint the supermodel’s unwillingness to have an everyday routine, using products with anti-ageing properties and implementing collagen in the routine. Our answer for this? skin boosters.
We think that Delevingne would opt for a skin booster that aids in the synthesis of collagen and elastin whilst also restoring elasticity and volume to the skin. For this, said skin booster should specialise in a formula that combines amino acids with hyaluronic acid. This type of skin booster in particular works to help improve the skins hydration levels and texture whilst smoothing out fine lines. Providing the perfect solution for a fresher, more natural appearance whilst leaving the skin hydrated and healthy. Moreover, with a skin booster, there’s no need for daily upkeep which makes for the perfect solution for this supermodel.


With the various enviable traits that supermodels possess – it would be unfair to attribute this solely to external factors, such as skin boosters. Flawless skin and a contoured appearance may simply be the result of good genetics – we may never know. However, here at Seventy as skin enthusiasts, it’s in our nature to hypothesise just how a flawless look may be achieved outside of natural factors – hence this blog!
Overall, skin boosters may be seen as a quick fix to a supermodel glow. They offer a fantastic solution for dehydrated and wrinkled skin and are suitable for all skin types and age ranges. Skin boosters can provide us with amazing skin benefits for healthy and happy skin. Something we’re all in dire need of.

Seventy Hyal, the next generation skin booster is another to add to the list of skin boosters – if not top it. With Seventy’s unique and skin-boosting properties, we predict that Seventy Hyal will become a supermodel favourite for their every skincare need.

What would be your aim with skin boosters?

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By Florence Goulbourne | 7th Feb, 2022

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