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Catching Flights, Not Dry Skin

For those of you set to embark on your sun-soaked summer holiday, or dare we say it, your third or fourth trip of the year – preparations for the summer season are most likely in full swing. Amidst the organisation of essentials such as SPFs (we hope) and skincare serums, it may be worthwhile considering an alternative approach to holiday skincare, one that starts before you even hop on the plane. Forget about packing light, instead, get ready to pack your skin with intense hydration!

Our thought process looks a little like this: why wait until you arrive at your sunny destination to start giving your skin the attention it deserves? Whilst it’s important to apply your SPF’s and sun creams generously whilst abroad, with skin boosters, you can start prepping weeks before you even see the sands of those golden beaches. 

In this blog, we’re exploring how you can introduce non-surgical tweakments, like skin boosters, into your pre-holiday glow-up. It’s time to kiss goodbye to cabin fever complexions, and hello to holiday-ready, rejuvenated skin.

Now boarding: your dream summer skin.

What Are Skin Boosters?

Whilst you may already have your go-to skincare routine that travels the globe with you, it’s time to take it up a notch by switching your sheet masks for skin boosters. 

Promising sky high hydration, skin boosters are an injectable and more long-lasting solution for radiant looking skin, without the need for constant upkeep like applying moisturiser. Skin boosters are a category of non-invasive aesthetic treatments aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing the skin’s quality. Utilising versatile injection techniques, these treatments introduce specialised formulations, typically rich in hyaluronic acid and other skin-enhancing substances, into the dermal layers. The primary objective of most skin boosters is to optimise the skin’s hydration, restore elasticity, and encourage collagen production, all contributing to a more radiant and revitalised appearance – perfect for your holiday glow up!

Contrary to the perception that skin boosters are painful, skin boosters are generally well-tolerated by patients. The procedure’s discomfort is limited, often associated with a mild scratching sensation, and any post-treatment effects are minimal, with no significant downtime required.

Why Should I Have Skin Boosters Before A Holiday?

By seamlessly integrating skin boosters into your pre-holiday beauty ritual, you’ll be actively nurturing a healthy and vibrant complexion, perfectly equipped to handle sun-soaked adventures, salty sea escapades, and gallons of refreshing sangria.

Unlike topical applications like moisturizers, SPFs, and serums, skin boosters penetrate the skin on a deeper level, delivering an unparalleled glow. Including these revitalising treatments in your holiday preparations grants you the freedom to embrace the coveted sun-on-face feel without the need for makeup. Radiating with luminous skin, there’s no need to pack your cosmetic arsenal – let your skin take centre stage, all courtesy of your long haul laver: skin boosters.

What Skin Booster Should I Have?

If you’re new to the world of skin boosters and injectables, the only skin booster you need to set your sights on is the ultimate game-changer, Seventy Hyal 2000.

Hailed as The Next Generation Skin Booster, Seventy Hyal 2000 is a bio-stimulating, injectable hyaluronic acid skin booster that aims to improve hydration levels within the skin. This injectable acts as the perfect rejuvenation treatment, addressing skin texture, laxity, and adding a touch of gentle volume to enhance your natural beauty. With a molecular weight of 2000kDa, it unleashes intense floods of moisture within your skin, leaving you with a brighter, fresher, and completely revitalised complexion.

With Seventy Hyal 2000, glowing results can be seen within two weeks – talk about perfect timing before your holiday! Initially, two to three treatments of Seventy Hyal are needed four weeks apart to achieve the desired result. In some cases, a fourth treatment might be needed, but hey, that’s the price we pay for perfection, right? Afterward, simply top-up treatments every 6-12 months, depending on your skin’s unique qualities, will keep you looking refreshed. 

The skin booster can be used for facial enhancements to create a rejuvenated and revived look. On the other hand, it can also be used to rejuvenate and refresh the neck area, décolleté, arms and hands.

This versatile skin booster is an all-around beauty enhancer. It works wonders on your face, creating a rejuvenated and refreshed look that will turn heads wherever you go. But wait, there’s more – it doesn’t limit itself to just your face! You can also give some tender loving care to your neck, décolleté, arms, and hands, making them equally radiant and youthful.

So, if you’re craving a holiday-ready complexion, Seventy Hyal 2000 is the name you need to remember. Get ready to say hello to your new best friend in skincare!

The Takeaway

This summer, we’re here for swapping six-step skin regimes for skin boosters like Seventy Hyal 2000. We’re all about simplifying our holiday packing list, and anything that steals precious moments from beachside bliss is getting axed. With Seventy Hyal 2000 taking the reins, your skincare routine just got a whole lot lighter, and so did your suitcase!

So, are you ready to embrace the change and elevate your summer skincare game with Seventy Hyal 2000? Let’s make this summer one for the books, with glowing skin and carefree moments spent sipping coconuts under the sun! It’s time to unlock that holiday radiance effortlessly. Over here, we’re catching flights – not dry skin.

For more information about a Seventy Hyal 2000 treatment, contact your local aesthetics clinic or read more about The Next Generation Skin Booster here.

By Florence Goulbourne | 25th Jul, 2023

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