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Expert winter skincare advice

Expert Winter Skincare Advice with Natasha Akbar

As winter requires our skin to have a little more TLC, we’ve collated expert winter skincare advice to keep your complexion looking luminous. We caught up with aesthetic practitioner, Natasha Akbar, at N.A Aesthetics, for all of her insights into expert winter skincare. Natasha shares her knowledge on skincare and how skin boosters can benefit our complexions in the winter months. Let’s have a look at what Natasha told us when asked about skin boosters and Seventy Hyal 2000. 

What would you say should be a skincare priority during winter?

Natasha advises, “Lips can be affected greatly by cold weather. They can become chapped and very thin during the winter months. This can be improved by applying regular moisturisers. Also having lip filler or having Seventy Hyal treatment added can improve hydration levels! The hyaluronic acid makes lips supple and soft.”

Can Seventy Hyal 2000 create glowing skin even in Winter?  

“The high quantity of hyaluronic acid in Seventy Hyal delivers that extra boost to the skin over the winter months. Nick-named an “injectable moisturiser”, it gives the skin skin-deep hydration. The skin is stripped of its hydration during winter due to the harsh weather and other lifestyle factors, like heating and lack of oral hydration. Due to this, extra measures have to be taken to ensure good care is taken of skin! Starting the Seventy Hyal treatment as winter starts is a great way to achieve beautiful skin.” Natasha explains. 

What is your favourite aesthetic treatment to pair with Seventy Hyal for party-season appointments? 

Natasha says:

“Doing lips is my all time favourite!”  

Are there any topical products or ingredient combinations that you wouldn’t recommend using after a skin booster treatment? 

“I would say to avoid Peels, Retinol, Vitamin C,  and Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) based products for at least 24 hours, or possibly longer, if the face is still tender.” Natasha advises.  

What makes Seventy Hyal different from other skin boosters & how would you recommend incorporating Seventy Hyal into an existing skincare routine? 

Natasha states:  

“I have tried and tested Seventy Hyal on myself and I have previously used other skin boosters. Seventy Hyal has given me the best results and overall instant glow to face. My clients and friends/family also are in love with the product. It is more affordable than other options, and as a newer product on the market, has good incorporation of technology! I would suggest that Clients have 2-3 treatments 4 weeks apart, and then have a dose every six months to maintain great results and glowing skin. I would also recommend investing in hydrating serums to add more moisture to skin.”

Shop Seventy Hyal exclusively at Fox Pharma and Fox Clinic Wholesale and read more about Seventy Hyal, and Expert winter skincare advice, on our blog.  

By Amy Williams | 18th Dec, 2022

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