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Which Influencers Have Had Seventy Hyal?

Influencers Put Seventy Hyal 2000 to the Test 

The proof is in the results… have you seen our Seventy Hyal before and after images? Influencers across the UK are embarking on a skin-glow up journey with the help of the Next Generation Skin Booster. It’s great to see familiar faces chasing the Seventy Hyal glow, whilst achieving feel-good skin and noticeable results! Whilst we have a look at which influencers have had Seventy Hyal, let’s also discuss what you can expect from a Seventy Hyal treatment. 

What is Seventy Hyal 2000 and What Does Treatment Entail? 

Seventy Hyal 2000 is a hybrid booster that works to hydrate, boost glow, and contour the skin. Taking the title of Next Generation Skin Booster, Seventy Hyal holds one of the highest molecular weights of hyaluronic acid on the market, flooding the skin with a surge of long-lasting moisture. With results visible from the very first treatment, the Next Generation Skin Booster plumps the skin and gives a contoured effect, whilst bio-stimulating collagen production for an unstoppable glow. There is no downtime with Seventy Hyal, and results are seen immediately, meaning it is a perfect solution for you if you’re tired of the time and effort that goes into a multi-step skincare routine. For more information, contact your local Seventy Hyal clinic and ask your aesthetics practitioner who can advise further! Now, let’s take a look at which influencers are loving their Seventy Hyal glow… 

Which Influencers Have Had Seventy Hyal? 

Whilst injectable skincare becomes more and more popular in the world of aesthetics alongside health and beauty, who has tried out skin boosters – and more specifically – Seventy Hyal? Let’s take a look at which influencers have had Seventy Hyal and what the effects were, including their before & after pictures!  

Lydia Butler: Owner of Luxelia 

Showcasing the glowy results of a Seventy treatment is Lydia Butler, who had the treatment in her face for a hydrated and radiant skin transformation. Taking to Instagram to show off her post-Seventy glow, Lydia showed us her skin before and after treatment, as well as videoing the immediate results whilst she was in the salon. You’re a real Glow Getter, Lydia!  

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Abbie Blyth: Founder of Bly Label  

Showcasing how Seventy Hyal 2000 can offer a hydrated complexion as a result of a moisture-surging treatment, Abbie Blyth shared her Seventy Hyal experience. With evidence of subtly contouring the face, Abbie showed us how just one treatment of Seventy Hyal can offer a plump, healthy-looking complexion. What amazing results!  

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A post shared by A B B I E XO (@abbieblyth)

Victoria Goulbourne From The Apprentice  

Alan Sugar wasn’t here to critique this one, but we’re sure he would have approved. Victoria, who starred on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, had a Seventy Hyal treatment to achieve the ultimate skin glow-up. The BAP technique was used to inject Seventy Hyal through five strategic points of the face, to support progressive diffusion. This technique ensures that maximum hydration is achieved for the best skin transformation! The end result is just… unreal!  

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Charlotte Lane: @DownRainbowLane  

To match her radiant wardrobe, Charlotte Lane came for a Seventy Hyal treatment after her previous two treatments. Adding an extra glow to her complexion to compliment her sparkly dresses and bright coloured outfits that she stuns Instagram with, Charlotte documented her Seventy journey across the social media platform, too. As well as being injected into the face through BAP or grid technique, Seventy Hyal can also be used under eye, in the lips, on the neck and on the hands. Check out Charlotte’s Seventy journey here:  

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See More Results… 

It doesn’t stop there! Seventy Hyal has presented more influencers with the undeniable skin radiance that gives that dewy glow everyone notices. The transformations speak for themselves, with the ‘after’ images showcasing noticeable healthy-looking skin. So, what influencers use Seventy Hyal and what are there results? (See below!): 

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Round-Up: What Influencers Use Seventy Hyal? 

As the ultimate skinimalist solution for influencers on the go, Seventy Hyal 2000 combines hydration, radiance and collagen-stimulation in one treatment. If you’re looking to achieve your own Seventy skin transformation, book in with your local aesthetics practitioner in your local Seventy Hyal clinic to reach that unbelievable skin glow!   

For more information on Seventy Hyal 2000 click here or visit our blog for a wealth of skin treatment advice. Connect with our socials for the latest before and after transformations @seventyhyal

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