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What is slugging?

Skincare Trends: What is Slugging?

From rumoured beauty hacks and skincare myths, the internet can be guilty of circulating false claims when it comes to skincare. However, that’s not the case with the recent hype that has taken off across the web and social media. ‘Slugging’ is one of the few online trends that skin experts have actually validated, agreeing with claims that it can truly benefit the skin. With any online craze within the beauty industry, there comes a level of scepticism, but ‘slugging’ could be something that will enhance your skin. Let’s have a look deeper into what slugging is and how it can work to improve the appearance of your skin.

So, what is slugging?

Slugging is a skincare trend that involves applying a heavy-duty emollient like petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the face. A thick layer of product is applied as the last step of your nighttime skincare routine, working to seal in all of the skincare products that you’ve used, while helping to prevent moisture loss. The technique gets its name from the shine left on the face after applying a thick, moisturising layer. 

The question that might come to mind is: why exactly would I want to ‘slug’ my face? Slugging has been proven to leave you with immensely hydrated skin, because it creates a film over previously applied products, locking-in moisture and allowing you to awaken to super-soft skin. 

Does slugging work?

Even though the name ‘slugging’ sounds a little questionable at first, don’t let this put you off discovering the moisturising benefits that it can offer. Slugging can help to boost hydration and works by creating an emollient barrier over the skin. In contrast to traditional skin care theory, slugging does not aim to benefit the skin through the emollient’s specific ingredients, but rather through its ability to ‘lock-in’ the rest of your skincare, ensuring that any active ingredients stay on the skin for as long as possible.

Who should use slugging within their skincare routine?

Your skin type will determine whether slugging will be beneficial to your overall complexion. For those with dry skin, the technique can deliver impressive results. The only time slugging can be risky, is if you naturally have oily or acne-prone skin, due to how slugging works. As it creates a barrier on the skin, if your pores are clogged, it can make things worse. Blocked pores can cause breakouts, so be careful with slugging if you are prone to blemishes. Slugging also won’t let oils in the skin escape, which is why it isn’t usually recommended for oily skin types.

How to slug your skin, and how often should you do it?

First of all, you’ll need to buy a heavy-duty emollient  such as Vaseline. In the evening, carry out your skincare routine as normal, making sure that you cleanse, exfoliate, and then moisturise. Once all of the steps are complete, add a generous layer of the emollient to your face. Once you have ‘slugged’ your face, bear in mind that the product sits on top of the skin. For this reason, going to sleep can be quite messy. Your skin might feel quite sticky at first, so wait for around 30 minutes after you have slugged your face before hitting the pillow. Likewise, you might want to use a headband to sleep in, and use a towel over your pillowcase. If you don’t like the sound of slugging and you’re still struggling to find the dewy glow that you’re looking for, then you may want to look into rejuvenating skin care alternatives. Skin boosters are a form of injectable skincare that leave the skin looking and feeling hydrated. Seventy Hyal is a Next Generation Skin Booster that injects hyaluronic acid into the skin layers, to provide even deeper hydration. If you are looking for intense hydration, then injectable skincare can offer immediate results. In addition to these benefits, it also frees you from the chances of sticking to your pillowcase!

To conclude: what is slugging and should I do it?

Essentially, slugging creates a film over your skincare products to lock in moisture. If you suffer with dry or dehydrated skin, then this could be a good way to tackle your skincare concerns and improve hydration. For those with an oilier skin type, this technique may lead to blocked pores and blemishes.

Alternatives to slugging

It’s no secret that hydration is one of the essential pillars of healthy looking skin. If slugging isn’t for you, or if you want to achieve a more enhanced, hydrated look, there are other ways that you can revitalise your skin to achieve the glowing complexion you desire. Other skincare methods include serums, facials, and skin boosters. Skin boosters such as Seventy Hyal 2000 are specifically formulated to boost hydration whilst stimulating new collagen and elastin production. 

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