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The 2023 Skincare Trends That You Need To Know About 

Healthy skin, happy skin? Here at Seventy Hyal, we focus on making you feel the best that you possibly can, in the skin that you’re in. Whilst the internet can feel like a pleather of skincare trends and multitude of advice, we should take internet claims with caution when it comes to taking care of our skin.   

What Are the 2023 Skincare Trends That You Need to Know About? 

With any trend on the internet, some are worthy of the hype, and others seem a bit of a fad. When it comes to skincare trends, there is so much information at our fingertips, which sometimes makes it harder to grasp the valuable information that will genuinely help to benefit our skin. With this in mind, let’s discuss what skincare trends exist on the internet, and which ones should be here to stay in 2023.   

First Skincare Trend to Discuss: Glue to Remove Blackheads 

This one might sound a bit questionable, and rightly so. We’ve seen that the internet went mad a few years ago over using glue on blackheads to get rid of them. There are plenty of skincare products that work to cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of blackheads, so this might be one to leave back in 2022 and make sure it doesn’t make an appearance in 2023…  


Another skin trend that is prevalent online is skin-cycling, which is a term that describes the way that products are applied to the skin, in a skincare routine that allows ‘rest days’. The trend ‘skin-cycling’ gives the skin a break from active ingredients (such as retinoids and exfoliants) that can break the skin barrier. Here is the way that you can take advantage of skin-cycling, so that your skin has a chance to react to products so that you can make sure your skin care routine works the best for you. Follow this four day cycle: 

Night one: Exfoliate (such as glycolic or salicylic acid)   

Second night: Retinoids (such as retinol or retinaldehyde)  

Night three & four: Recovery (A focus on nourishing the skin with moisturiser) 

Home Made Face-Masks  

Rewind to lockdown 2020, when anything homemade was a trend; well, 2023 holds a home-made skin care trend. Forget the banana bread and DIY, this 2023 skincare trend is home-made face-masks. Fancy a bit of wholesome activity this weekend? Make your own face-mask with the contents of your fridge, using products that have skin-enhancing properties. You can use things that you probably have on hand in your kitchen, such as honey, avocado, yoghurt, turmeric and lemon, to nourish the skin (without having to leave the comfort of your home!).   


Despite it sounding a bit weird, slugging has been trending online and there are a surge of online claims that it helps skin hydration. What actually is slugging? This skincare trend involves applying heavy-duty emollient, like premium jelly (Vaseline) on the face. A thick layer of product is applied as the last step of your night-time skincare routine, working to lock-in all of the skincare products that you’ve used, while helping to prevent moisture loss. If you do suffer with extremely dry skin, you could maybe give slugging a go in 2023.  

Gua Sha  

Whether your TikTok FYP has been full of them, or you’re just researching how to sculpt your jawline, then a Gau Sha may be a trend that you’ve heard of. Trending across many social platforms, this device encourages healthy circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and releases muscular tension. It’s a miracle worker for lifted, brighter and healthier looking skin! Grab yourself a Gua Sha if you’re looking for new skincare tools in 2023!  

Medical Grade Skincare  

2023 will see a lot more of medical grade skincare, such as skinceuticals, which could tempt you to move away from multi-step skincare routines. The ever-growing, global market of medical-grade skincare offers high-quality formulations for long-term skin restoration. Seeing as medicine and skincare will be closely aligned in 2023, why don’t you give it a go and try products that include active ingredients, to address any skincare concerns.  

Chemical Peels  

If you see celebs walking around with smooth, fresh skin, then they’ve probably had a chemical peel. They’ve been around for a considerable amount of time, but recently, chemical peels have soared social media as a skincare trend. A chemical peel is a chemical exfoliation process that penetrates the skin to increase cellular turnover and stimulate collagen to reveal fresh skin. If you want a more vibrant skin tone for 2023, then maybe this is a trend that you need to jump on!  

Saving The Best Until Last: Injectable Skincare  

Skin boosters are the new wave of injectable skincare, and are predicted to become even more popular in 2023. Let’s first of all answer the question that might be the first one that comes to mind: what exactly are skin boosters, and how can they benefit me? Skin boosters consist of hyaluronic acid, aiming to hydrate the skin in order to reach a glowing complexion. Unlike other trends that claim to hydrate the skin, such as slugging, skin boosters inject hyaluronic acid directly into the dermis, therefore achieving a surge of moisturising properties.  

The Next Generation Skin Booster: Seventy Hyal 2000  

Whether you’re looking to shake up your skincare routine in 2023, or you want a solution to expensive and time-consuming skincare, Seventy Hyal 2000 could be the product for you. Being a hybrid skin booster, with one of the highest molecular weights of hyaluronic acid in the industry, The Next Generation Skin Booster presents feel-good results. Helping you to achieve radiant skin, the three properties of Seventy Hyal 2000 include: hydrate, contour, glow.  With only one treatment needed every 6-12 months, and with no downtime needed, Seventy Hyal 2000 can make your skincare routine even easier in 2023!  

The 2023 Skincare Trends That You NEED to Know About  

Whether you follow beauty hacks online or you stumble across celebrities trying out new skincare routines, make sure you research skincare trends before trying them out. With anything that goes onto our skin, we should be cautious and treat with care. Obvs, our favourite one of the 2023 skincare trends, is injectable skincare! What’s yours? Why not book in with your local Seventy Hyal clinic, to spend your 2023 glowing from the inside out.  

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