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Guide to healthy-looking winter skin

Our Guide to Healthy-Looking Winter Skin

Just as we swap bikinis for chunky knitwear, our skincare routines should also transition with the seasons. As autumn turns to winter, harsh temperatures, blustery winds, and heavy downpours can take a toll on our complexions. Not only can the drastic change in temperature affect our skin, but so can other factors, such as central heating and humidity levels. So how can you maintain healthy-looking skin during the colder months? Discover top tips with our guide to healthy-looking winter skin.

How does winter affect my skin?

Whilst winter definitely has its perks, such as cosy winter fires and frosty nature walks, it also has the potential to cause skin issues. With colder temperatures comes lower humidity and increased use of our central heating. Moisture becomes condensed as the air is drier in winter, meaning that skin can become aggravated. These factors pose an increased risk of dryness, dehydration and redness, alongside inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Monitoring winter skin

First of all, it’s important to consistently check-in on how your skin responds to these environmental changes. You can supercharge your skincare routine by firstly understanding specifically what your skin needs in response to temperature drops. When there’s a chill in the air, your skin will be more prone to moisture loss. Identify your key skin concerns, whether that be dehydration, redness, or irritation, in order to create an effective and individualised winter skin routine.

How to adapt your skincare routine for healthy-looking winter skin

Once you have noticed how your skin responds to seasonal changes, you can adapt your skincare steps accordingly and target the areas that need a little more TLC whilst it’s colder outside. There are certain common skin issues that arise during winter, but luckily there are often effective solutions!

Limit how often you exfoliate during winter

Whilst you don’t need to completely put a stop to exfoliating, you should definitely monitor how your skin responds to exfoliation during winter. With the air being more dry, exfoliation can dry skin out even further. If you have flaky or chapped skin, then exfoliation can create more uneven texture and damage the skin barrier. If that is the case, then decrease the number of times that you exfoliate during the week, or leave it out of your skincare regime completely for the interim.

Lip balm is a must

Chapped lips are a common issue in response to icy winds. It’s fairly common to experience chapped lips whilst it’s cold, but they can become painful if left untreated throughout the chilly season. Wrap up warm and ensure you’ve always got a hydrating lip balm in your winter coat pocket! Alternatively, opt for a longer-term solution to maintain a plump, hydrated pout, though injectable lip balm. Seventy Hyal 2000 rejuvenates the lips and retains moisture, providing a more effective alternative to frequently re-applying topical lip balms throughout winter.

Consider changing your moisturiser

Another skin concern that can arise after exposure to harsh winds is redness. You can buy soothing creams and serums that claim to help reduce the appearance of red patches on the skin. Ensure that you have a light, fragrance free moisturiser that won’t aggravate the skin any further.

Stay hydrated

Potentially the best thing that you can do for winter skin is to ensure that you stay hydrated for softer, more supple skin all year round. How can we do this?

Swap out your skincare products

Whilst summer calls for light moisturisers and suncream, winter calls for more intensive skin hydration. Whilst you may not be sunbathing, you still need to factor in daily SPF use, especially in bright, snowy conditions. Our skin is still susceptible to damage, even when we don’t think that the sun rays are reaching us. Swap your suncream for a lower SPF for the face, and opt for a heavier moisturiser to accompany it. If you have moderately dry skin, you could add a hyaluronic acid serum to your skincare routine for more intense hydration.

Drink plenty of water

We’ve always been influenced by health guides claiming that the miracle molecule, H20 (or simply just water), is the sole-factor for feel-good skin. However, unlike other jargon-fuelled articles, this one is actually true; hydration is key regardless of the month. With winter contributing to skin dryness so prominently, it’s important to pay extra attention to how much water we drink, specifically during this period. Aside from skincare products, aim to drink six to eight cups of water to ensure optimum hydration throughout the day.

Injectable skincare: Seventy Hyal

If you’re looking for the dewy radiance that usually accompanies sun-kissed summer skin, injectable skin care could be for you. Seventy Hyal provides a surge of intensive hydration that we sometimes can’t get from moisturisers, because they don’t reach the deeper skin layers. Formulated with hyaluronic acid to offer long-lasting hydration, The Next Generation Skin Booster is a great option if you want your skin to remain radiant even when skies are grey. 

Seventy Hyal aids in the bio-stimulation of collagen and elastin production to promote smoother and firmer-looking skin for a rejuvenated complexion. During the countdown to Christmas, there’s no doubt that many of us have busier schedules. Seventy Hyal allows you to skip that 6-step skincare routine in exchange for a 45-minute treatment every 6-12 months, with long-lasting results!

Book a facial

Although we don’t need an excuse for some self care and a pamper afternoon, they’re even more necessary in winter. If your skin is lacking in what it needs to see the season through, then a facial has the potential to nourish your complexion with everything it needs. Book in a skincare consultation so that a professional esthetician can assess what your skin really needs during winter. Sometimes, no matter how much attention we pay to our skincare regime, a facial or a skin booster treatment such as Seventy Hyal 2000 can be the answer to our skin issues. As if we ever needed any persuasion to book in for a facial or a skin treatment… now is the time!

Seventy Hyal 2000 for healthy-looking winter skin

Grab a hot chocolate and embrace the cosy festive period ahead, whilst leaving your winter skincare worries behind you, with our guide to healthy-looking winter skin. In the gloomy weather spells, don’t let your complexion suffer whilst you embark on the last months of the year. Whatever you opt for in the winter season, whether it’s Seventy Hyal 2000 or another skincare saviour, make sure you’re caring for your complexion to enjoy a rejuvenated visage going into the new year.

Learn more about Seventy Hyal on our site, or visit our blog to learn more about the Next Generation Skin Booster! You can also shop Seventy Hyal at Fox Pharma.

Shop Seventy Hyal on Fox Pharma, or learn more about the Next Generation Skin Booster on our blog.

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