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Importance of skincare consultations

The Importance of Skincare Consultations: Take Care of Your Skin

Just like one shoe doesn’t fit all, one skincare routine doesn’t, either. One day you might realise that the skincare products that you once loved, aren’t providing the results that they used to. It’s inevitable: your skin type and your skincare regime are likely to change as years go on. Our skin type and skincare regime are likely to change with age and seasonal changes, alongside other factors such as nutrition, hormonal changes and sun exposure. So, how can skin consultations help you find the right balance?

Different skin care methods

Did you know that your skin regenerates approximately every thirty days? It’s important to nourish your skin with the things it needs in response to these changes. Likewise, no two complexions are the same, so it’s unlikely that you can replicate someone else’s skincare routine and see the same results. It can feel overwhelming when you’re faced with a multitude of different skincare methods and trying to work out which one is right for you. 

When it comes to selecting your skincare products, consider how much you are willing to invest. Whether your preference is creams, serums, injectable skincare or facials, the cost of a skincare routine can vary drastically. Learn more about how much your skincare is really setting you back on our blog here.

Knowing the right ingredients for your skin type and the right treatments to help tackle your concerns will maximise the efficacy of your routine and help you avoid wasting precious time – and money! Skincare consultations are the answer to finding a personalised skincare regime that works for you. 

What are skincare consultations?

A skincare consultation involves a session with a professional skincare practitioner who will analyse your skin to optimise skin health. The consultation will measure oil production, hydration, depth of pigmentation, skin thickness, or vascularity for example. A skincare consultation is completely tailored to your own skincare needs and personalised to your own skin, making it paramount in truly understanding your skin and its needs.Depending on your main skin concerns, you may need different skin practitioners. Aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, and estheticians, all have different expertise when it comes to your skin and skin priorities. 


Dermatologists are doctors that specialise in the health of your skin. They are trained to treat specific skin conditions, and provide diagnosis for skin concerns. 


Estheticians specialise in skin beautifications. They are not allowed to diagnose skin conditions, prescribe medications, or suggest any treatments outside of cosmetics. 

Aesthetic practitioners

Whilst dermatologists treat specific skin conditions, and estheticians provide cosmetic treatments, aesthetic practitioners provide treatment to superficial layers of skin. 

During a skincare consultation, the practitioner will analyse your skin and discuss its condition. They will then determine your skin type and address any skin concerns, in order to decide on the best treatment for you. Let’s walk through exactly what happens in a skincare consultation. 

What happens during a skincare consultation?

Skincare consultations are nothing to be feared. A practitioner should make you feel comfortable to discuss your concerns as they understand the sensitive nature of skin issues and the effects that they can have on a patient’s confidence. All in all, a skincare consultation should last around 30 minutes, and throughout the session you will be discussing lifestyle elements that could affect your skin. You may be concerned with hyperpigmentation, rosacea, breakouts or congestion, these skin concerns can be treated with the right products and treatments. You should leave the skincare consultation with a customised regime and a better understanding of your skin health. 

The benefits of skincare consultations 

Skincare consultations will save you time and money in the long-term. They target skin concerns through a treatment plan, providing a more effective alternative to the trial and error approach. Skincare practitioners can analyse skin beyond what the untrained eye can see, allowing the practitioner to identify any problem areas that may be causing your skin concerns. Consequently, they can establish the right solution for your skin issues, meaning that you’re less likely to waste money on skincare that may not be benefiting your skin. 

Whilst you are talking to a skincare professional, you have the chance to learn about skin care which you may not have heard of before. Alongside topical skincare which you are likely to be more familiar with, your skincare practitioner will also discuss other options that are available for your skin type, such as cosmeceutical skincare or injectable skincare, such as Seventy Hyal 2000: The Next Generation Skin Booster

Whilst skincare consultations can save you time and money, so can skin boosters. Adding Seventy Hyal to your skincare regime allows you to replenish your skin with the surge of hydration that it could be lacking. Skin boosters condense your six step skincare routine into one effective treatment. Seventy Hyal is formulated with hyaluronic acid which can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while making the skin appear plump and smooth. The skin treatment requires one 45-minute session every 6-12 months, giving you the dewy complexion that you desire with minimal effort, and minimal downtime. Head to a Seventy Hyal clinic for a skincare consultation, where you can hear more about how skin boosters can help to resolve your skin concerns. 

Conclusion: the importance of skincare consultations

From environmental factors to lifestyle changes and everything else in between, your skin could be affected in different ways. If you’re searching for answers to your skin concerns, then a skincare consultation is something to consider. You can book a skincare consultation in your local aesthetic clinic, with a qualified esthetician, to find the skincare routine that works for you. 

Shop Seventy Hyal on Fox Pharma or Fox Clinic Wholesale or learn more about the Next Generation Skin Booster on our blog.

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